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When you decide to make the switch to virtual fax, there are many cost savings that you are going to have. A regular old fax machine takes up quite a bit of office space. When you are using a fax machine, your faxes may not go through all the time because of busy signals. If you have alot of faxes to send to multiple people, you have to send them one at a time, taking your precious time away. With virtual fax, you get all the conveniences and also the cost savings as well.

With virtual fax, you don't need to have a dedicated phone line. Most of the time, the dedicated phone line that your old fax machine has costs more then the entire virtual fax service. Virtual fax service starts around $7.99 and can go higher depending on your plan. Most online fax services offer 300 free inbound and outbound pages. If you need more pages, you can upgrade to a larger plan or buy pages by the cent.

Faxes appear in your email account. You save money on ink and toner because you can choose to print the fax or not. If you receive junk faxes, you can just delete them instead of printing them out. You can set up multiple email accounts for your employees as well. That was you make sure that sensitive materials gets seen by the right eyes only. Most plan offer up to 5 separate email addresses. The best thing about virtual fax service is that you can send and receive multiple faxes at the same time. So it speeds up the process of communication and give you extra time to focus on work.

With Virtual Fax, no machines or equipment is needed. The only thing you need to have to send faxes online is a connection to the internet and an email address. If you send faxes to a person with a fax machine, it gets sent like a regular fax. If the person who you are sending a fax to is also using a virtual fax service. Then they would receive their fax from their email account. There is no way to tell if you are using a virtual fax service or a regular fax machine. you have the ability to sign faxes electronically. All you have to do is get an accurate signature. You need to enter it into the fax software. You can do it by scanning it into your computer or you can fax your signature to yourself. Then you can turn it into a stamp and use it whenever you need a signature on a fax.

So with virtual fax, you get all the conveniences without any of the hassles. No more waiting to send a fax, or waiting of the fax machine to get fixed. Many small businesses are switching to a virtual fax service and it is not difficult to see why. The process of archiving is easy, fax service providers store your faxes up to a full year. So of them store them infinitely. So it is easy to get access to old faxes. If you want to keep the faxes on your harddrive for protection, then you can turn it into over 3 dozen different file formats.

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RingCentral Virtual Fax Features RingCentral Virtual Fax
toll free number or a local number
Send & receive fax by email
Send & receive faxes from any application
Get alerts
Block junk faxes
Sign & Edit Faxes Electronically
Receive faxes even if your computer is off
No Hardware Needed
No Dedicated Line Needed

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RingCentral Virtual Fax Price
30 Day Free Trial
Fax 300  
Monthly Price(Monthly) $9.99
Monthly Price (Annually) $7.99
Fax 1000  
Monthly Price(Monthly) $24.99
Monthly Price(Annually) $19.99
Fax 2500  
Monthly Price $59.99

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RingCentral Virtual Fax Customer Support
24/7 Customer Support Available
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Email Support Available

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